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MINIMUM ORDER IS 2 LOCKS, $17 EACH. Buy more, pay less.
Remember, when buying "HV Accordion Push button locks" -- you need to put the correct quantity of locks on your cart.

HV Accordion Push Button Lock $17 each

Please Select Your Color
  • MINIMUM ORDER 2 LOCKS. When you order 2 or more locks, we will send you the same key combination for all locks.

  • This lock is made for Accordion Shutters from the Eastern Metal Association: ASSA*. The screws attach from the back and through the center mate part of the accordions. It's very simple to change. All you need is a screw driver and know that counter clockwise = unscrew, clockwise = screw in. Do not screw or unscrew with a power tool. You may overtighten and damage the head of the screw.

        *American Shutter Systems Association

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