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  • How Do I Save the Most Money on Homeowner's Insurance?

    Would I get a larger discount from Impact windows for protection than I would for Hurricane Shutters? The answer to this question may surprise you. Generally, it can be seen that installing impact windows cost a lot more than hurricane shutters. However, when it comes to homeowner's insurance, the discount is pretty much the same for Storm Panels, Accordion Shutters, Roll Up Shutters or Impact Windows. The insurance company simply wants to see protection that is approved by Florida Building Code or Miami-Dade Building Requirements. How much you can save on the insurance depends on your insurance provider, but it is possible to save quite a bit: hundreds of dollars per month, adding up to thousands each year in savings. It could cost an average of $2,000 to $5,000** for hurricane shutters for a small to average size home, while impact glass could cost an average of over $4,000**. But remember that Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows are limited expenses. The shutters and windows can provide years and years of good service and protection, if they are maintained or serviced periodically. Shutters can also be repaired for the most part if they are damaged somehow, while impact glass can be more costly to handle because those would need to be replaced if damaged. Keep in mind that these wind protection installations could result in savings of 10 - 15% credit on your Homeowner's Insurance Policy. The point here is that Hurricane Protection Shutters and Impact Glass can help you to get a credit or discount on your Homeowner's Insurance year after year and that is a much welcomed credit. Here's to saving that 10 - 15% each year. ** These are average figures provided as an example which may not be applicable in every situation. Each individual project and case is subject to verification of measurements, installation conditions and manufacturing requirements in order to determine fair value.

  • Are Screen Enclosures Easily Available?

    Every home should have a seating area outdoors. Especially in a country house. And at the same time, to make you feel safe, insect-free and protected from the sun's rays. Screen Enclosures Miramar is exactly what you need! We work not only in Miramar, but also in most cities in Florida. There you can arrange: a cozy place in the fresh air there you will gather with friends and family organize parties and romantic dinners a great place for kids to play or just an area to spend time outdoors. We have an individual approach to each client. Tell us exactly what you need, tell us your location. Our managers will provide you with free estimate. They will make a quick calculation and offer the best and most profitable option. Screen Enclosures Miramar near me and you For inspiration, we offer you to watch beautiful photos and videos of our work, as well as get acquainted with the advantages of our company. Even if you are still in doubt if you want to install Screen Enclosures Miramar. Call us and we will provide you with detailed advice and answer all your questions. Our company employs only professionals with extensive experience, screen builders near me. Our team guarantees quality work. That is why we provide a free estimate and a two-year warranty. Because we are confident in ourselves and in quality. Interested in Screen Enclosures Miramar? You should contact us directly. Our workmanship has earned us an excellent reputation in Florida. We specialize in the manufacture of custom-made aluminum structures. Our team guarantees you complete satisfaction and excellent results. What do we do best? Patio Screen EnclosureScreen Enclosures demolitionPatio Screen RoomsRescreening Screen PorchesGlass roomsScreen EnclosuresPool enclosures Screen Enclosures Miramar in Florida. Best prices and result We provide close supervision of the project from start to finish. No surprises or disappointments. We will manage all stages of your project, from the preliminary design stage to the construction process. To ensure your project is built to the highest quality standards! Our projects are completed on time by 100%!

  • Accordion Shutters: A Crowd Favorite. News for the Budget Conscious Client

    The Accordion Shutter is possibly the most convenient, still relatively economical shutter in use today when it comes to Hurricane Protection. These strong, sturdy and durable shutters definitely get the job done when it comes to storm protection. They are also used for the purpose of providing a degree of security against unwanted intruders. You see this frequently on storefronts and warehouse offices. Well, new developments in designing and engineering have made it possible for us to provide 4 different grades of accordion shutters. Four different grades in terms of protection and budget.

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  • Dealers | Better Shutters | Miami

    GO TO HOME PAGE Hurricane Shutters Wholesale Prices For Dealers Note: Only dealers who are registered can order here. That means you must order in large quantities or you won't get the discounts and we will ask you for the full price before we ship. We at have been getting quite a few calls from businesses or individuals who would like wholesale prices. We listened and created this page for such a need. We understand. Reselling retail, distribution or just getting parts for big jobs that require large orders need the most economical sourcing possible. We are it. We're constantly searching for lower prices from manufactures so that we can pass the savings on to you.. In this page we have made every effort to bring you great savings when you order large quantities. A menu will appear that will allow you to order from 10=100 items, or even more. These could be High Velocity locks, carriage wheels, etc, We hope to continue being you source for Hurricane Shutter Parts for many years to come. Note: On all orders of 20 or more motors, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. ITEMS IN CLICK ON CART WHEN YOU're DONE SHOPPING Rolls Up Shutters Parts Quick View Large Motors (100nm) with Override Price $350.00 Quick View Small Motor ( 50nm) with override Price $200.00 Quick View Small roll up motors. without manual override Price $200.00 New arrival Better Quality Quick View 4 Hole Hexagonal motor overdrive shaft universal N Price $58.00 Quick View 2 Hole square shaft universal (BSN) Price $58.00 Quick View Carriage wheel with screw assembled (BSN) Price $1.75 Quick View Carriage Wheel Price $0.70 Quick View Secure Key Switch Price $115.00 Accordions Parts GO TO HOME PAGE ITEMS IN CLICK ON CART WHEN YOU're DONE SHOPPING

  • Accordion Shutters Parts | Miami USA | Better Shutters

    Discounted shipping in most Southeastern States! Accordion Shutters Parts ​ Click on the pictures to see more information about each item ​ NEW !! Quick View Cap Cover for CF Lock Price $1.25 New Item! Quick View Tech Screws #10 x 3/4" (Qty. 100) Price $15.00 Quick View Heavy Duty Lock Kit for HV Accordion Shutters Price $45.00 New arrival Quick View Key Cylinder for Heavy Duty Accordion Shutter Lock Price $16.25 New arrival Quick View Heavy Duty Hook Lock for Accordion Shutters Price $22.00 New arrival Quick View HV Plate Lock with HV Thumb Screw Price $18.00 Best Seller Quick View 5/16" locking pin 6, 12, 18 or 24 inch length Price $15.00 Best Seller Quick View HV Accordion Push Button Lock $17 each Price $17.00 Best Seller Quick View HV Egress Lock (Minimum order 2) Price $16.00 Quick View HV Lock Plastic Covers (Pack of 10) Price $25.00 Best Seller Quick View CF (Center Form) Lock (Minimum Order 2) Price $18.00 Quick View Inside Handle (for Rolling Shield Shutter) Qty. 10 Price $31.50 Quick View High Tech Accordion "L" Handle Lock Price $24.00 Popular Item Quick View T Handle Lock (Minimum Order 2 units $18 each) Price $18.00 Best Seller Quick View Locking Pins (1/2") come in 6", 12",18" & 24" lengths Price $0.00 Quick View Locking Pin (1/2") Thumbscrew (Bag of 50) Price $30.00 Quick View 5/16" Locking Pin Thumbscrew (Bag of 50) Price $30.00 Best Seller Quick View Carriage Wheel with Screw Assembled LS $2.50 each (Minimum 10) Price $2.50 Quick View Carriage Wheel Small Center Hole (Pack of 20) Price $21.00 Quick View Carriage Wheel Assembled- small screw (Minimum 10) $16.75 Price $16.75 Quick View Accordion Shutters Hold Down Clip Pack of 20 Price $42.00 Quick View Accordion Velcro Strap (24" or 36" length) Price $0.00 Quick View Stainless Steel Washers (Minimum 200) Price $31.00 Quick View Long Bushing Price $30.00 Load More We'll add more products as you request them. So send us an email or make a suggestion below. We may include the product on the website. Contact Us Aluminum profiles used for our H.V. accordion shutters © 2016-2022 by BetterShutters Inc. All rights reserved. ​

  • Shipping Company Delays Policy | hurricane-shutters

    IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT SHIPPING COMPANY DELAYS ​ We normally ship via USPS Priority Mail. If you want your package to arrive to you faster, please let us know immediately by e-mail or by phone call. ​ We are not responsible for for delays caused within the United States Postal Service or within other shipping companies that we may be required to use. USPS delays are minimal, but they do sometimes occur. We will not give any refunds due to USPS or other shipping company delays, because you will eventually receive your product. ​ If a delay does occur and you do not receive your order in the expected time, we will track the package and advise you on the status of the shipment. ​ After you and our company staff have all done our due diligence* , if you still have not received your order, then we will consider giving you a refund. ​ It is our intention to keep the shipping costs as low as possible and your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter will help us to do this. ​ ​ * Definitions: Due = proper, required. Diligence = the degree of care required in a given situation. Due Diligence can be said to be the reasonable care or caution or the proper actions that a situation calls for, especially those that help to avoid harm, risk or loss. Go Back to Parts

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