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We have had requests for a "drill operated" Crank Handle, so here it is! 

This is a 36" Crank Handle that fits into the drill chuck and the drill does the cranking work to open or close the Roll Up Shutter. The shorter length allows for more torque (Power to cause movement by means of a turning motion.)


When you order this, we supply the Crank Handle, you supply the drill. (Drill NOT included).

When placing your order, please allow 5 - 10 days for manufacturing, in addition to the normal shipping time. (It is possible that you could get it sooner than that.)


NOTE: Like any piece of mechanical equipment, it is recommended to take proper safety precautions and to  operate the drill with this attachment in a responsible manner.

Crank Attachment for Drill

  • Please remember to put the correct quantity in your cart when placing your order.

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