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Stainless Steel Panel Screw. Sold only in hundreds

1/4" diameter X 1-1/2" length X 1/2" narrow head. This head allows you to install storm panels without removing the screw all the way. You just loosen the screw and slip the large part of the teardrop hole over the screw, slide the panel to the narrower part of the teardrop hole and tighten the screw.  If you want a wide head screw, please order the SIDEWALK SCREW (Click) That head is 3/4" wide. Order carefully.

PLEASE remember to put the correct quantity in your cart when you order.

1-1/2 inch Storm Panel Screw Box of 100

  • This is a very popular Stainless Steel Machine screw. We have sold tens of thousands over only a couple of months. It is used to install storm panels and removable accordion shutter tracks. The head is 1/2", diameter is 1/4" and length is 1&1/2". If you need a longer screw, scroll to find the same screw in 3" in this collection.

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