The Roll Up Shutter Crank Handle is about 63" long. The top has a bell-shaped fitting that connects to the shutter's Universal Crank Shaft. 
The crank handle shaft is round and the bottom has a hinged handle used for making the circular turning motion.

Please put the correct quantity in your cart when placing your order.

Universal Crank Handle

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  • Please remember to put the correct quantity in your cart when you place your order.
  • The Universal Crank Handle can break if your roll up shutter is jammed.  That might have been the reason you bought a replacement one in the first place. So before using, inspect to make sure tube and blades are not obstructed. If this is the case, free these up, finish your repair and lubricate as needed and then use the handle. If shutter is still difficult to pull up, it may be too heavy. In this case we recommend retrofitting with a motor or spring.


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