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Crank Attachment for Power Drill -- Our Latest, Newest Product

We’ve got a new product that can make things easier for our clients who are interested in using less effort to crank their roll up shutters up and down. This is the Crank Handle attachment for Power Drill.

This is something that has been suggested by a couple different clients and we listened and came up with this solution. This rod attachment fits right into the drill chuck and once you properly secure the attachment in the chuck, you are good to go.

The 36” length makes it convenient to use in terms of size and in terms of providing the torque (power to cause movement with a turning or twisting motion.

This tool may not be for all Roll Up Shutter owners, but for those who need and want it, this handle will provide an advantage that can make life easier. And by the way, we supply the handle attachment and you supply the drill. (Drill not included.)

Here’s to happy Roll Up Cranking!!

Thought for the Day

"Violence is good for non-technological species. It helps them live long enough to become what they are. But technological development past a certain level--must not be paired with violence. The potential of technological beings to destroy themselves is too great. The lifespan of civilizations that retain violence in their technological age is vanishingly short."

--- C. L. Kagmi

Author of short story "The Drake Equation"

Presented in the book Writers of the Future Volume 33

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