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The Perfect Client

If you are in business, as many “Miamians” are, this writing might prove useful

to you. It's called, "The Perfect Client".


What is it that makes The Perfect Client?


He will not expect you to drive for a free estimate many long miles

and then mention that he'll "think about it" and get many estimates from other companies.

The person that does this is not a serious client and is not very considerate of your time or resources.


The Perfect Client understands that we screen our customers and by doing so avoid the “think about it” client in favor of the serious client.


He will not “ghost” you after getting an estimate. He will just call you or let you know what the outcome is.


The perfect client is eager to do business with you. He has done his “due diligence”* and has checked out the company online or with referrals.


He will be in good communication with you and will cooperate with you, including granting you good access to his property as needed.


He/she trusts your judgment as you present reasonable points in the sales pitch that are fitting to his needs.


If you are busy, he understands that it may take a bit longer for his project to get delivered

and he doesn't become over-anxious or harassing to get his product or service.

Once he gets a good product or service delivered to him, he won't try to throw in more work for you to do without providing fair and proper payment.


He will not ask you to do anything illegal.


He will thank you, pay you promptly, and recommend your company to others.


He/she knows the value of Google reviews and will give you a positive one

(when a good product or service is rendered).


Obviously we don't always get the perfect client, but just as you wish to deal with the perfect company, so do we strive to deal with the perfect client.


I'm hoping this has been helpful. After all, being in business and staying in business in Miami can be challenging.


*Due diligence  noun, def.  Action done by someone to research, investigate and review information and facts in relation to a business transaction or other important matter that is being considered. Example: Joe did his due diligence in relation to the car he wanted to buy, to make sure that he was getting a good vehicle. His due diligence included checking the mileage and the accident history and maintenance history and physically inspecting the car with the help of a mechanic friend.

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