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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Roll Up Shutters But Were Afraid To Ask

Our lives depend on the machinery and devices that men have developed to aid us in our everyday lives. We depend on that machinery to function correctly. When it doesn’t our lives are disrupted to a greater or lesser degree, and it always causes some sort of inconvenience. This includes cars, computers, cell phones, washing machines; the list goes on and on.

Well, these machines and devices require regular maintenance and sometimes repair. And the list includes hurricane shutters with moving parts – we are here specifically talking about Roll Up Shutters.

There are various things that, if you notice them, you will know it is time to have your Roll Up Shutters looked at for maintenance and repair. This includes both manual and electrical motorized Roll Up Shutters.


Your shutters stick on the way up or the way down. Could be that the end parts (slat locks, shown below) of the shutter curtain have broken or have come loose and now the shutter doesn’t move smoothly and easily along the track. There may also be a broken

entry guide that guides the curtain from the roll into the track. It may be another situation which requires inspection to determine the source of the problem.

Another situation that we hear about from our clients is that they press the switch or remote control and the shutter doesn’t move. There is no sound and no movement. Could be that the power to the motor has been turned off, electrical breaker has flipped or some other reason it is off.

Or, they press the switch or remote control and the shutter doesn’t move. But, they hear the motor running. It may be that the strap hangers (slat hangers)

that connect the curtain to the Roll Up Tube have broken.

This can also happen with manual Roll Ups that you crank by hand – you turn the crank but the shutter doesn’t move; it won’t go up or it won’t go down; or it is part of the way down but doesn’t move. It goes part of the way down (or up), but won’t go further.

Roll Up Shutters also have settings to limit how far it rolls down and how far it goes rolling up. The limit settings may require adjustment to be sure that the shutter stops where it should stop going up and when going down. If it wants to keep running after it is all the way up or all the way down, it is a good chance that the limits need to be adjusted.

Remote controls must be synchronized with the motor to ensure proper function and sometimes the client presses the button and nothing happens. Do you need to reprogram the remote? Do you need a fresh battery in the remote? Does the remote need to be replaced? Sometimes the client gets a new remote, but that remote doesn’t work with that brand of motor – they need to get the remote that will “communicate” with the existing motor.

You know, I remember the first time I saw motorized Roll Up Shutters. The client had four windows with Roll Up Shutters and when you pushed the switch, all the shutters went down at the same time and they also went up at the same time with a push of the switch. It was almost like being in a James Bond movie watching those Roll Up Shutters in action.

Roll Up Shutters are amazing pieces of equipment that have saved much property damage and many lives. I have covered some of the common situations that may need attention in relation to keeping those shutters running in good condition and extending the life of your Roll Up Shutter equipment.

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